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HOMMÉS Studio is born from a skilled merge of visionary identities with distinctive design, art, fashion, and pop culture perspectives from Art Deco, Mid Century, Modern, Maximalist, and Memphis styles. The studio conveys its inspiration into design pieces that are refreshing and relevant, paying particular attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces with bold and unique identities.

HOMMÉS Studio aims to set trends instead of following them. The design studio is in unceasing creative evolution and mutation, branching out new brands and forms of expression. Under its umbrella, TAPIS Studio adds modern rugs to the interior design industry, complementing every room with colorful and sculptural entities. The designs become artistic bodies that blend artisan knowledge and industrial innovation, crafted under ethical and sustainable practices.

Believing that a house must express the owner's soul, HOMMÉS Studio products are tailored to comprehensive lifestyles.


Micael Carcalho

Micael Carvalho is the creative director of HOMMÉS Studio and a multidisciplinary artist who finds interior design the peak manifestation of his passion for art history and visual arts, from photography and painting to digital design.

Born to a mother whose family is tied to handmade textiles and artisanal fashion and to a father who is a photography and nature lover, Micael learned to explore the beauty within the simplest things from a very young age. His attraction to everything aesthetic and authentic was nurtured during his childhood. To him, home is the primary source of inspiration, 'home is more than a space where you live. It should be your creative harbor with the power to transform, inspire, and change your soul.'

Whenever he leaves his creative nest, Micael Carvalho carries a notebook. A mere landscape can lead him to a creative spree, and creating is the catharsis for his aesthetic soul and uninterrupted creative mindset. Micael sees design as a magic tool to bring his ideas to life and share his imaginative world with the people around him, and he feels that creating is what he is meant to do - at least, it is what makes him happy and feel alive.